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OUR VALUES: People before profits

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  • We value everyone’s life experience and personal story, and attempt to welcome all voices to the table, regardless of race, gender identification, faith, and skill level.

  • Flexibility, communication and teamwork are key, while maintaining the balance needed for a successful business.



  • We recognize everyone has a different learning style and pace, strengths and weaknesses. Because of our small size we can cater to each person's individual needs.

  • We help each other build a design for life, no matter where each person is on their journey.

  • We consistently look for creative win-win solutions.

Paper Cup


  • We deal fairly with coffee suppliers in a way that supports both growers and our planet.

  • We use recyclable or biodegradable containers.

  • We stand with our staff and students for the long-haul, even after they transition to the next step in their story.

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